Founder Stories: TaMeka Bland of LimitLess aims to address food insecurity with on-demand grocery delivery

Food delivery apps are abundant, but they don’t serve customers in every location. TaMeka Bland realized that West Louisville was underserved in on-demand food delivery—and fresh groceries in general—which inspired her to found a delivery company called LimitLess to help solve that problem. Along the way, she also realized her company could help grocery stores and other businesses maintain their own supplies rather than running out to get those things themselves. We asked Tameka, the founder and CEO of the Keyhorse-backed company LimitLess, a few questions about the lessons learned on her journey as a founder and predictions for the future of delivery services.  

What inspired you to start a delivery company? 

TB: During the pandemic, I noticed that restaurants in West Louisville did not have the infrastructure for delivery. In addition to that, the bigger delivery chains did not always accommodate the residents of West Louisville when it came to on-demand delivery of food and other items. Also, the fact that there were no grocery stores within miles of these residents indicated food insecurities that needed to be addressed. I am a West Louisville native, and I felt compelled to help out in some capacity. I saw a huge problem, and asked myself, “What can I do to help?” 

While speaking with these businesses, they also mentioned another huge problem that they were facing, which was taking time away from their business to obtain the supplies that they need to run their business. So, I had an epiphany: Why not let LimitLess run for your businesses while you run your business? We spoke with many of our customers (small businesses) regarding this issue and saw that this was a huge problem for them. The customers wanted their time back to obtain those customers that they were missing out on. From there, we created the B2B side of LimitLess.

I am a West Louisville native, and I felt compelled to help out in some capacity. I saw a huge problem, and asked myself, “What can I do to help?”

Tell us about your team: Who’s on it, and how did you meet? 

TB: My team consists of Deja Downey who serves as our Marketing Consultant. Deja and I met during a business workshop that she was presenting, and the magic started from there. Stephanie Pickings is our Business Development Consultant. As a hairstylist, I’ve met a lot of talented people throughout the years, and she has helped coach and develop myself and my company into what it is today. Jared Jones is the mastermind behind many of the technical developments of LimitLess. He serves as the Lead Engineer and has over 10 years of experience in this field.  

Where do you see the delivery services industry headed in the near future? 

TB: Understanding the trends driving society’s future of delivery is necessary for grasping what customers want and what you need to fulfill their demands. Future delivery businesses will rely on advanced technologies to increase speed and efficiency while cutting costs. Route management, more targeted staff usage, and even advanced machinery will be a facet of the world’s future of delivery.

What does success look like to LimitLess in the short term and long term? 

TB: LimitLess thrives on the changes within the delivery industry. We plan to have several umbrella companies that will meet our customers' changing needs by developing new products or services that will make people happy. Our short-term goal is to double business revenue by the end of 2023. Our long-term goals are to learn new skills and technology, improve our leadership skills, market through new channels, expand into new geographic markets and scale our company to the next level!


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