Founding Stories: Amber Kirkpatrick of AuthoFi aims to automate healthcare processes and scale patient care

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of the healthcare industry, one persistent challenge has been the laborious and inconsistent pre-authorization process faced by providers which can lead to dangerous delays in patient care. 

For Amber Kirkpatrick, witnessing the struggles and inefficiencies that burdened healthcare providers served as a profound inspiration to bring about change. With over two decades of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, she recognized the pressing need for a better solution—one that could streamline pre-authorization requirements and empower hospitals and providers to focus on patient care. 

Driven by her passion for process automation and leveraging technology to support and scale patient care, Amber founded Keyhorse-backed company AuthoFi. AuthoFi has set out to offer an end-to-end pre-authorization solution and pave the way for a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

We asked Amber, the company’s founder and CEO, a few questions about her journey, inspirations, and predictions for the future of healthcare.

How did you become interested in healthcare?

AK: I fell in love with the healthcare industry more than 20 years ago when I took a customer service role with Kaiser Permanente in California. In this role, I began to understand how patient needs coexist with policy and benefits.  In 2003 I crossed over to healthcare revenue cycle in a vendor role and that is where I have been for 20 years. I’ve supported my clients in eligibility, billing, reimbursement management, denials management, self-pay management, credentialling, and pre-authorization. I’ve loved supporting providers and hospitals in managing their revenue cycle through process improvements, allowing them to treat more patients. Additionally, learning to anticipate provider and healthcare leader needs based on what I was seeing in their operations and marketplace was key to my own growth. With each role since that first position in 2000, I appreciated the evolution of the industry more. I recognize how important innovation is to healthcare. Hospitals and Providers must leverage technology and process automation to support and scale patient care. Twenty (plus) years later I am passionate about process automation in healthcare.

What inspired you to co-found a company?

AK: AuthoFi was founded based on the need. I witnessed providers struggling to keep up with the ever-changing pre-authorization requirements, inconsistent processes between one payer to the next, and required staffing needs to support the laborious process. I knew that there had to be a better way.

Tell us about your team: Who’s on it, and how did you meet?

AK: Steve Reid, Wilfredo Gumaru, and I have worked together for over 10 years. The team recently exited CaptureNet, an RCM company serving the healthcare industry in 35 States with proprietary process automation and analytics. We were ready for the next venture, so naturally we came back together to develop AuthoFi. We are thrilled to offer a pre-authorization solution supporting hospitals and providers with end-to-end capability.

I recognize how important innovation is to healthcare. Hospitals and Providers must leverage technology and process automation to support and scale patient care.

Where do you see the healthcare industry headed in the future?

AK: I see the healthcare industry leaning into more automation; leveraging tools to help decision-making in care delivery and revenue cycle management. AI and other emerging technology will continue to change the way healthcare is delivered. Evidence-based care has already begun to evolve, and it’s likely we will see more shifts in healthcare during our lifetime as a result.

What does success look like to AuthoFi in the short term and long term?

AK: In the short term, AuthoFi is successful with growth. As initial development wraps up, we are working hard to push through our pipeline and are excited for providers to find value in our offering. The decrease in expense and increase in revenue support continued growth into new facilities and provider offices. In the long term, AuthoFi is successful when we have hit our development goals, customer goals, and revenue goals.

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