Keyhorse Capital Launches Next Investment Cycle for Eligible Kentucky Companies

Keyhorse Capital, in partnership with Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development’s statewide #KYInnovation program, and as an initiative of Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC), has announced that its current quarterly investment cycle is open through June 30th for eligible companies. 

The windows for each quarterly investment cycle are:

  • ‍January 1 - March 31
  • April 1 - June 30 
  • July 1 - September 30 
  • October 1 - December 31

Through the Kentucky Enterprise Fund, Keyhorse Capital and the Commonwealth of Kentucky have been investing in the future of Kentucky since 2002, leveraging over $44 million to support 207 Kentucky companies.

The fund makes early-stage venture capital investments in high-growth startups and entrepreneurs based in or interested in relocating to Kentucky. Companies must be in the process of building an innovative, technology-enabled product, process, or service; have developed a prototype, be seeking product-market fit, or entering an early growth stage of development; and present a well-articulated market opportunity with some level of customer validation and a strong founding team. 

In the first investment cycle of 2023, Keyhorse Capital announced $2,245,000 of investments in companies that included:

  • Affinna: Simplified ticketing platform software for businesses and event organizers.
  • Connect It All: Real estate marketing software for geographic targeting of tenants.
  • DesiCorp: Developer of a transfusable blood product for medical providers utilizing freeze-dried red blood cells
  • Dues24: Electronic health records (EHR) simulation software for nurse training and education.
  • Enviro-Fresh: Smart vending and supply management hardware solution for washroom hygiene and guest services/supplies for hospitality & healthcare industries
  • Ewagers: Skill-based wagering platform focused on Esports and video game industries
  • Fair Chance Works: Learning management and video solutions system for workforce recovery and development
  • Feedcoyote: B2B/B2C freelance collaboration network and project management platform
  • Gamerabble: Coaching and community platform for eSports and video game skill building.
  • Hop Flyt: Aerospace transportation company developing electric aircraft technology.
  • Hummingbird Nano: Developer of high-precision, low-cost, flexible design microfluidics.
  • Jobe Products: Lightweight mobile convertible desk
  • MiniGrip: Developers of patent-pending dual surface/high friction consumer gripping products
  • NonBinary Solutions Corporation: Clinical decision support system software for autism service providers.
  • PCC Hydrogen: Catalysts focused on hydrogen fuel reforming applications
  • Pramā: Programming platform intended to provide low-code application development for enterprise
  • PyroChem Catalyst Company: Catalysts and specialty materials for exhaust and reforming applications designed to help in high-temperature catalytic processes
  • RAADZ: Market research & survey platform for digital advertisers
  • Safewave Technology: Wearable technology providing safety alerts and notifications for hearing impaired and noise sensitive individuals
  • Smoove Creations: Digital design platform where users can customize different types of footwear
  • Stuccco: Online interior design, virtual staging, and home goods platform
  • Symba: Real estate focused mobile-first CRM, sales, and embedded banking platform
  • UJoin: Advocacy and social/public policy platform awareness and marketing software
  • Wicked Sheets: Bedding and sleep products that detect and mitigate issues associated with excess moisture.
  • Xena Intelligence: AI-powered platform for automation and optimization of ad campaigns on e-commerce platforms

Keyhorse Capital, KSTC, and the Kentucky Enterprise Fund have partnered with KY Innovation and the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development to create an easy-to-navigate quarterly investment process for the state’s most promising startup companies. Together, with an improved public application process and statewide communication strategy to increase access and the number of investment opportunities, the Kentucky Enterprise Fund has seen an overall 250% increase in award applications and reviews. 

To learn more and apply for funding, visit:

About Keyhorse Capital

Keyhorse Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm focused on supporting a thriving community of entrepreneurs willing to go the distance to build and grow innovative companies.  The flagship fund for over 20 years, Kentucky Enterprise Fund (KEF), is focused on investing in early-stage companies based in Kentucky. Keyhorse Capital has provided financing to 408 companies. Their active portfolio of 112 companies has created more than 800 jobs and counting. Learn more at

About KSTC

KSTC is a private, statewide non-profit corporation committed to advancing science, technology, and innovative economic development founded on Kentucky know-how. KSTC seeks to improve the capacity of people, companies, and organizations to build an innovation-driven economy in Kentucky. Learn more at

About KY Innovation

#KYInnovation is an initiative of the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development which targets resources to support startups, traditional small businesses and innovation-driven entrepreneurs across the business life-span with the aim of dramatically improving Kentucky’s entrepreneurship ecosystem and significantly increasing the number of new company startups annually. More about the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s investment and support for innovation can be found at

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