Backing Kentucky Businesses with U.S. Treasury's State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI)

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has launched an a initiative to provide $117 million in federal funds through the Treasury-administered SSBCI ** program. If you are a founder looking for investment capital, a venture fund investing in Kentucky startups, or a small business looking for loans and collateral support, you may be eligible to participate in these opportunities designed to increase access to capital and help Kentucky businesses thrive with "KSBCI 2.0".

The United States Department of the TreasuryKentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC)Keyhorse Capital

The Kentucky Matching Ventures Fund

For scalable businesses looking for investment capital to grow.

The Kentucky Matching Ventures Fund makes direct investments in early to growth stage, technology-based companies in Kentucky seeking private equity funding from angel and venture capital investors for working capital, growth, and expansion.

This may be the right opportunity for you if you have a great idea AND have achieved significant progress, market validation, or customer traction with a clear growth path. The Kentucky Matching Ventures Fund requires companies to find matching investments from private investors.  

Funding may be available to Kentucky-based companies that meet the following criteria: *

  • Currently raising capital via equity or convertible debt
  • Can attract investment commitment from private investors
  • Fewer than 500 employee
  • The ability to grow and scale your business
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The Kentucky Strategic Ventures Fund

For venture funds looking for investment deals in Kentucky.

The Kentucky Strategic Fund invests in proven, professionally managed private equity and venture capital funds, located within or outside of the Commonwealth of Kentucky that commit to aggressive and visible deal prospecting and direct investment in Kentucky companies. This may be the right opportunity for you if you have a track record in early-stage investing, the ability to provide a return on investment, and the commitment to help young companies grow, succeed, and scale.

Funding may be available to firms that meet the following criteria: *

  • Currently raising capital via SEC-approved venture capital funds
  • Can attract significant investment commitment from private investors
  • Are investing in Kentucky-based businesses with fewer than 500 employees
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Kentucky Small Business Loan Programs

For small businesses looking for loan financing ... and lenders looking to reduce risk in providing business capital to business.

Lenders can take advantage of a revamped program that’s providing a powerful spark to grow businesses and create jobs. KSBCI 2.0 leverages funding from private lenders to help finance creditworthy small businesses that would typically fall just outside a lender’s normal underwriting standards. The Cabinet for Economic Development offers two distinct credit enhancement programs designed to generate jobs and increase the availability of credit to small businesses by reducing the risk associated with lending.

  • Kentucky Loan Participation Program: allows the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) to purchase up to twenty percent (20%) of a small business loan to support a participating lender to originate much larger loans that, on its own, would not have been possible.
  • Kentucky Collateral Support Program: provides a pledged asset (cash collateral account) to an enrolled lender of up to 20 percent of their loan in order to enhance the collateral coverage of a small business borrower that is otherwise qualified but unable to meet the lender’s security requirements.

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* The Kentucky Matching Ventures Fund and the Kentucky Strategic Ventures Fund are financed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky's Cabinet for Economic Development and KY Innovation program as part of "KSBCI 2.0" and are managed and delivered by Kentucky Science and Technology Corporation (KSTC) through its Keyhorse Capital investment initiative. KSTC's services, assistance, and activities are available to all without regard to race, color, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, or national origin.

** The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 included a $10 billion reauthorization of the State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI), a Treasury-administered federally funded economic development program intended to increase state capacity to support small business “access to capital” programs. SSBCI provides the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development with at least $117 million of federal funds to administer. With substantially more capital allocated to the Commonwealth, Kentucky has directed 70% (nearly $82 million) to venture capital programs and 30% ($35 million) to small business loans and collateral support through "KSBCI 2.0" programs.

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